FAQ: Booking During Covid-19

Got questions about booking during Covid-19? Who wouldn't!? We got you. Here's a list of the frequently asked questions about booking photography services during this confusing time. 

We’re interested in booking a wedding for 2021, but we’re not ready to commit to the date yet- how long would you be willing to hold our date for us before signing the contract?

Wow boy, this has been a traumatic year- we get it. Picking a date is harder now than ever before. That’s why we’re offering to hold your wedding date for 1 month from your time of inquiry, to give you time to make sure the date is a good fit. That means if another couple comes along interested in your date, we’d be telling them we’re booked for that day. After the 1 month, if you move forward and put a deposit down for that date, but end up changing it down the road, your deposit will roll over to the booking of the other date- so long as we have it available in our calendar. If you email us to ask us questions about your date, you aren’t being charged for anything. You are only charged an initial deposit after the 1 month waiting period if you decide to move forward with booking.

What’s the need for picking a wedding date so soon? 2021 is lifetimes away!

Vendors are filling up fast for 2021. So many 2020 weddings have been postponed to 2021 that it means our calendars are fuller much earlier than usual. We urge you to reach out to get a date on our calendar as soon as possible, keeping in mind that we’re offering these special incentives in this FAQ sheet to help you through the process. Reaching out to ask about the date costs nothing, so be sure to fill out our contact form to connect.

What happens if we need to change our wedding date?  

We’re allowing all deposits to be transferable to the new wedding date. We ask that our couples communicate the need to change dates with us asap so we can work together to ensure we have availability for your alternate date. Teamwork makes the dream work- and it ensures we get to be your dream team on the big day.

If we book and end up needing to move our date, and you’re not available on the new date, do we get our deposit back?

This is the toughest question for us to answer but just like our photography work, we value honesty and transparency so we’ll be real with you. While we wish we could give everyone their money back, we unfortunately cannot give back your deposit if you change your date and we’re not available on your alternate date. There is a lot of time and planning that goes into booking a wedding and we turn down other wedding inquiries to keep your date, so as business owners, we cannot refund that deposit. However, we are being extremely mindful of the higher odds at play here for this to happen, so our initial deposit percentage has been reduced in hopes that you’re not gambling everything by booking. Let’s be real- this is worth talking about. We sincerely urge you to reach out if you have questions because we promise, we’re willing to work with you to make it as fearless as possible. We got you!

Do you offer wedding packages for smaller (tiny) size gatherings? How much are those?

Absolutely! We would dare to say these intimate weddings might be our favorite thing to shoot. Here’s why. They’re more personal, they give us more time to focus on photographing your love, and they tend to require a smaller budget which means you can take that cash and spend it on things like awesome florals and picturesque accents- these small weddings look AMAZING. Pricing for these gatherings is dependent on location, time commitment, bridal party size, family photo needs, etc. To learn more about pricing, reach out to us on the contact page or by emailing us at magicarrowphotography@gmail.com. If you’re in need of a coordinator or planner for the day, let us know and we can recommend some incredible vendors.

Do you do elopement packages? How do we know if we should elope versus have a smaller more intimate ceremony? What if we can’t decide yet?

We love elopements. The whole idea of eloping as completely changed since Covid-19. Gone are the days where people eloped in secret to avoid the public eye and family commentary. Here are the days of beautiful elopements where two people commit to each other in a spot that has meaning and offers them beauty. An elopement in our eyes is when you and your partner choose to marry somewhere with hardly anyone present.  The intent is for it to be private and usually it involves trekking to a spot you’ve chosen- whether it’s on a mountain top, by a waterfall or maybe just in city hall.

     We absolutely do elopements and similar to the pricing for smaller weddings, it depends on location, time commitment, amount of people involved, etc. We welcome you to contact us to learn more about pricing. And yes! We’re down for a hike, for a swim, boat ride, overnight camping excursion, beach trek, you name it- we’re in.

     If you can’t decide on whether you should elope or have a small ceremony but you’ve picked your date- we’re happy to hold the date for you for the 1 month “deciding window” and after that point your deposit can be applied to either event.

Are you still doing family photography during this time?

You bet! What an important time to document in all of our lives. Our families have made it through this together and we want to help you capture that love. We are adhering to the current Covid-19 business guidelines for all family photo shoots.

What are you doing as photographers to ensure you’re being safe from exchanging the disease with us or our family?

We are health freaks so we take this situation with extreme caution. We are closely monitoring the legal guidelines for safety and promise to adhere to all requested behavior. Currently, we are only shooting outdoors (until that ban is lifted), practicing social distancing (we stay 6 feet away), bringing face masks for ourselves (and backups if you need one), and bringing lots and lots of hand sanitizer. We understand that our typical tag-team husband and wife duo mode of shooting might need to be altered to allow you to have one extra person at your wedding or family event and we get that, so we’re only sending one of us as the photographer when those situations occur. We ask that our clients show us the same curtesy and cancel their shoots if they are sick or have someone attending who is sick. If you are booking with us and have had the disease in the past, we ask for that to be shared with us as well.  We’re all here to share love and a big part of that is protecting each other and allowing us all happy and healthy futures.  

When in doubt, reach out! There are so many questions you might have about the situation and we’re happy to answer them. We’d have the same questions if we were you. It’s not pushy or rude or wasting our time- it’s real. We are here for the real, we’re here for you.

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