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Curious about us or our services? We got you. Here's a list of the frequently asked questions.

Do you always shoot with two photographers?

We love this question. We prefer to shoot weddings with two photographers, but we offer packages with a single photographer for those on a tighter budget. For smaller couple, family and motherhood sessions, we shoot with one or two photographers, depending on the shoot needs. 

Having two photographers at your wedding is KEY to getting candid moments captured. Wedding days, especially for larger weddings, tend to be quick moving and action packed. With two photographers, you can rest assured that one of us is able to pay attention to the timeline and shot list, while the other is able to wander and get creative. You'll always have one of us focused on the couple, while the other can focus on your mom's reaction to seeing you in your dress. Is it possible to shoot with one photographer? Totally! However, we've found the strongest wedding albums come from having two photographers. 

We usually try to shoot as a husband and wife team, unless for some reason one of us cannot be present on your date, in which case we'd have a trusted second shooter step in. 

The benefit of working with a husband and wife? We've been there! We know what you're feeling and we can anticipate the questions you might have. We not only know the moments to watch for, but the emotions to aim for. 

What's your turn around time? 

One hour session are usually turned around in 2-3 weeks. 


Weddings depend a bit more on the duration of coverage and the time of year of the wedding, but you can typically expect your album within 4-8 weeks.  

If your wedding is during the fall, which is busy season for most photographers, there's a chance these timelines will be pushed out slightly depending on demand. Trust us, it's worth the wait. 

Where are you based and do you travel?

We're based in southern Maine and shoot weddings all across New England. We're regularly shooting in Maine, New Hampshire,  Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

We started this job because we love to travel! We take weddings not only across New England, but across the country. Got a dream of a Joshua Tree elopement? Let's go- we got engaged there! Maybe you just are curious if we can meet you in upstate New York? Sure thing- Hudson Valley is a dream. 

Travel costs are dependent upon location. 

Do we get an engagement session with our wedding?

Some of our wedding packages come with a complimentary engagement session that doesn't affect the cost of the package. We include it because we think it's so valuable to get to hang out before your wedding day, plus it gives you some great experience in front of the camera beforehand, so you feel super comfortable on the big day. 

The complimentary session is limited to a location within 1 hour of our home base in southern Maine. Want us to meet you somewhere beyond that? No worries! We can add a small travel fee to cover the distance. 

For the session, we'll meet you at the agreed upon location and spend 60-90 minutes hanging out and taking photos together. These sessions should be all about the experience, so we try to plan them so you can focus on having fun. We have so many great location nearby- whether it's a meadow, ocean, mountain or forest- the options are breathtaking. 

Interested in booking the engagement session but already have the wedding photography covered? We'd love to be your engagement photographers! Inquire to learn more about our couple sessions and adventure packages. 

Can we get prints and albums?

We think photos deserve to live on more than a hard drive and we always encourage our clients to frame those beauties. It warms our heart when we walk into a client's home and see our portraits up on their wall. 

Your final online gallery will have a "shop" tab that grants you access to our print shop where we've teamed up with some of the most incredible American based printers. You'll be able to browse everything from wall art to thank you cards, and the coolest part about the shop is that it's super easy to drag and drop your favorite photos in there to get an idea of how they'll look. No need to download the shots and upload them to a different site, this is easy breezy one stop shopping. 

Do we get a sneak peek?

You bet! We know the excitement of having the wedding day end, only to itch with anticipation to see a shot of the two of you on something better than an IPhone. We try really hard to get you a collection of shots to sample within a couple days of the wedding, so you can change your status to "married" and update you profile picture at the same time. 

Usually the sneak peek gallery will feature some of the best portrait shots, so you have options for printing thank you cards ASAP. 

Do you offer wedding packages for smaller (tiny) size gatherings? How much are those?

Absolutely! We would dare to say these intimate weddings might be our favorite thing to shoot. Here’s why. They’re more personal, they give us more time to focus on photographing your love, and they tend to require a smaller budget which means you can take that cash and spend it on things like awesome florals and picturesque accents. These small weddings look AMAZING. Pricing for these gatherings is dependent on location, time commitment, bridal party size, family photo needs, etc. To learn more about pricing, reach out to us on the contact page or by emailing us at If you’re in need of a coordinator or planner for the day, let us know and we can recommend some incredible vendors.

Do you do elopement packages? How do we know if we should elope versus have a smaller more intimate ceremony? What if we can’t decide yet?

We love elopements. The whole idea of eloping has completely changed since Covid-19. Gone are the days where people eloped in secret to avoid the public eye and family commentary. Here are the days of beautiful elopements where two people commit to each other in a spot that has meaning. An elopement in our eyes is when you and your partner choose to marry somewhere with hardly anyone present.  The intent is for it to be private and usually it involves trekking to a spot you’ve chosen- whether it’s on a mountain top, by a waterfall or maybe just in city hall.

We absolutely do elopements and similar to the pricing for smaller weddings, it depends on location, time commitment, amount of people involved, etc. We welcome you to contact us to learn more about pricing. And yes! We’re down for a hike, for a swim, boat ride, overnight camping excursion, beach trek, you name it- we’re in.

If you can’t decide on whether you should elope or have a small ceremony but you’ve picked your date- we’re happy to hold the date for you for the “deciding window” and, after that point, your deposit can be applied to either event.

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